A Clean and Decluttered Life, y'all! They are AMAZING!!!!  They came in and did a deep clean today and my house is beyond wonderful. There isn't a spot they missed. Even washed all the walls and hand mopped all the floors.
If you need a weekly cleaner, a deep clean overhaul, or just a spot clean every so often, you've got to call Bonnie L VanDusen and get on the books.  You won't be disappointed, and I bet you'll even be surprised at how affordable the rates are.  Call her. Today!

 -Tonya Harbolt, Oregon


I love you, A Clean & Decluttered Life! It's amazing how good it feels to have an absolutely clean house. Bonnie came and deep-cleaned and let me tell you, our house was DIRTY. She's a hard worker and so organized that even her cleaning rags and sponges were laid out in an orderly fashion. I offered the stainless steel cleaner we have for our stove and then forgot to leave it out for her. She got that stove cleaner than we ever have with the fancy products. And, my master bath shower? I now feel clean when I get out of it - no more soap scum. I recommend Bonnie and A Clean & Decluttered Life to anyone and everyone.

-Lucy Reynolds, Oregon


I can't count the number of days we would walk into our house and just groan.  It was an overwhelming pile of chaos, which, unfortunately, would translate into overall chaos in our everyday lives.  We felt the disorganization in every nook and cranny!  I spent many months looking for a company or person to come and help us organize.  I "interviewed" a number of them, but never felt comfortable or happy with the available options.  I even gave up the search for a while and tried to tackle the problem myself, but I simply had no time - between a new baby, new job, and such an overwhelming task, it was clear we needed outside help.  What a miracle it was to find Bonnie with A Clean and Decluttered Life.  I was embarrassed for her to see our mess, but she was reassuring and had such great insight from the very start.  Immediately after she agreed to take on the job, we received a clear plan for the organization of the house, with a well-thought out proposal and shopping guide for tools we would need.  She worked with our ideas (and we have very definite ones!) and proposed new ones we would never have thought of.  The job was nothing short of wonderful.  Bonnie worked with every challenge we presented.  Due to a scheduling problem, we had house painters doing our interior at the same time and Bonnie moved fluidly around their work areas.  She was fast, efficient, resourceful, unobtrusive, not to mention so respectful of our napping baby.  She even found decorative themes for our house that we had struggled with for months.  And she didn't faint ONCE when she saw our monumental mess.  She jumped right in and worked her magic.

Bonnie restored the flow to our house, making it a home.  We love coming home, working with the systems she created for us and spending time together, as opposed to worrying about where to put this item or how to file that item and wasting precious family time on mess management.  I wholeheartedly endorse Bonnie and A Clean and Decluttered Life.  She's given us a brand new home and freed us up to spend time with our little one!

- Cristina Perkins, California


My husband and I are semi retired and live on 20 acres with 5 horses and 3 dogs.    I was looking for someone to clean our home and  caretake it when we are gone on vacation.   After searching many adds and calling on about 9 of them I struck Gold when I talked to the owner of A Clean & Decluttered Life .  Bonnie was very professional on the phone and never said the word I can't do that she always said I can do that.    The others I had called told me what they could  and could not do and were rude and very unprofessional.   Bonnie showed up for the first meeting with me totally prepared with everything she needed to quote the   job for me. Bonnie shows up on time every time and is very clean and a hard worker. I trust her completely   with our pets while we are away.   I would give her a 10 on the job she does for us and would tell anyone to use her and Im sure you will be happy with her services.

-Barbara Evensizer, Oregon


I help run a large medical facility in our area and with that and trying to raise a family I just always felt I could never catch up with my house work.  Bonnie's name was passed onto me through a mutual friend and I am so glade I contacted her.  There is nothing better then leaving your messy home in the morning and coming home to it in the evening and everything has been cleaned and organized for me for the week.  We love her cleaning services and I recommend her to anyone.  We love her prices and her service is great and we now consider her to be apart of the family.

-Laura Shouse, California


Choosing a housekeeper is a serious decision.  Not only are you inviting someone into your home to clean and organize, but you are inviting someone in who you trust, can rely on, and can develop a comfortable relationship with.  Bonnie stepped into all of these roles for my family without hesitation.  She’s a little bit like a modern day Mary Poppins.  Bonnie is clear about business, she is reliable, efficient, easy to have around, and leaves my home soothingly clean and welcoming at the end of her weekly visits.  I really appreciate her work and her demeanor.  My family is feeling very fortunate to have connected with her. 

-Ruth Ann Schwada, Oregon


What can I say I am a typical single man that hardly uses my kitchen or at least knows how to use my kitchen.  Bonnie came in and cleaned out all my food items and reorganized my pantry along with my entire kitchen making it more user and man friendly.  Thanks to her I am now able to find my food and make myself many different meals through out my day.  She jumped in and had this handled for me in a matter of a few hours.  Many THANKS to her and A Clean & Decluttered Life.

-Dan VanDusen, California


I have had Bonnie cleaning my house for about 5 months now. I would like to say that she is very reliable and prompt, and my house always looks and smells wonderful when I come home from work. I never worry about things missing or being stolen (yes, that's happened with others) and she is so affordable. She is great...  with surprises, like my daughter's big dog who was staying with me for a few days....she worked around him fine and spoiled him with treats while she tried to clean...no problem! I think this is one of the smartest things I've decided to do in a very long time, and I encourage anyone who is thinking about using this business to pick up the phone and call her. You really will not be sorry. I highly recommend her!

-Libby McLain, Oregon

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