Less clutter makes it a whole lot easier to clean your home.  Think about it: all the stuff you no longer use or need or want is just collecting dust and grime.  In the back of your mind, you're always thinking about the fact that you ought to do something about it.  If you don't do anything, this stuff can accumulate over time to such an extent that it becomes difficult to clean under and around it without a great deal of effort.  Even if you manage to keep your home clean, it just doesn't look clean when papers and things are piled up on tables, counters, and floors.

You can really speed up the process of cleaning by uncluttering your home & business.  The hardest part about getting organized is getting started and that's what we are here to help with.  We offer room by room organization for all our clients.  Our organization services are an hourly based service plus all organization supplies for your project.  Once a quote is signed a deposit is requested and this helps cover up front supply cost which will be noted in the final bill.  Organizing your home and life is a great way to gain more out of your time and space.

A Clean & Decluttered life offers organization services to these following topics & areas:

Home Organization for Any Room or Space: We organize any area of your home by walking you a step by step system to create an organizing solution. No space or stuff is off limits- stacks of mail, kitchen countertops & cabinets, family/living rooms, home offices, bedrooms, all closets, attics, garages, basements or toys.

Small Business/Office Organization: Our office organizing normally lends itself to working one on one with small business owners and entrepreneurs. We organize in many home offices as well as retail locations/workplaces. Organizing piles of paper, files, office supplies, calendars/time, and inventory are examples of the projects we tackle.

Virtual Organizing:  Typically, I work with clients side by side in their homes, helping them clear their clutter and make decisions, including offering support and motivation while creating a plan of action for organizing their home.  Virtual organizing is really no different, except that I do it over the telephone or email.

Relocations in Southern Oregon: Just moved in and overwhelmed at the thought of unpacking your whole house? Let a team of organizers help you get unpacked fast!

Garage Sale Preperation & Planning: Overwhelmed by the thought of running a garage sale? We make it simple. We’ll give you the tips and hands on help you’ll need. Although we won’t be there on your big day, we will get you completely ready from setting up and pricing, all the way to advertising.


Our Organizing Approach

Step 1: The phone assessment.  This lasts about 10-15 minutes.  We ask many questions regarding your organizing project, your current resources, time and availability, and what budget you had in mind. This ensures that our services are the right fit for your needs.

Step 2: The onsite assessment.  This lasts about 15-60 minutes depending on how big your organizing project is. During this step we are in your home or office and we talk with you in detail about the space, layout, contents, and current organizing issues. We’ll set goals and develop a game plan to reach those goals.

Step 3: The organizing appointment.  In most cases we begin the organizing work right after finishing the onsite assessment.  We work alongside you to help you eliminate excess stuff, create new systems, and implement the best arrangement or layout for your space. The question most people ask is “How long will it take to complete my organizing project?” That really depends on three things-the amount of stuff, the size of the space, and your participation in the process.

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